The dynamic future: Machine v.s Human

It’s complex speech about the relationship of human beings and machines. There are three myths we mostly hold in mind, Terminator Myth, Intelligence Myth and Superiority Myth. The three myths couldn’t be solved in the near future because we can’t turn back the clock or stop the time flowing.

Terminator Myth means machines will take people’s job and cut down their strings of climbing up to the top. Intelligence Myth implies computers will be capable of doing things human beings couldn’t. Superiority Myth is the overconfidence of people. In this speech, he tries to explain that we can only try to turn the pie bigger for everyone to get a slice because now human beings are on the track of letting machines complementing every area of our life.

It’s still controversial that human beings will be replaced by robots. For one, computers are built by human beings. It wouldn’t grown a brain out of nowhere. Even we Homo Sabians spent thousands and thousands of years to be as smart as we are now. Socrates might be smarter than us but without a lot of knowledge come up after generations, he is still a Philosopher. We admire his intelligence but it proves one genius like Eisenstein couldn’t come up with all those theories without others.

Human beings could never be smart alone, so the whole future of machines complementing our life is from a long line of scientists burning their lives until there isn’t any but ashes. If we do make a machine that could replace us, that would lead to another myth, Intelligence Myth.

Machines can search for more information within minutes. How can people beat it? However, all the them are made by men. Those data come from people’s intelligence itself. Without human beings, it couldn’t exist alone. Machines will become a part of our life. It couldn’t be avoided.

Why do people worry about them? It’s not challenging at all. We are afraid of losing our superiority. We are told that human beings are god-blessed race. We have evolved into a new species that animals couldn’t compete with us, but now, the machines come. They are built by human but doing a lot things better than men. How can we be not worried? They will take away people’s jobs and it would be far more challenging for our children to survive in the future.

It’s not completely opposite. Machine do take away people’s job. In the past long years, drivers were believed to be the best consultant for getting arrived at anywhere. Maps were the only reference. Now, Google Map could help you find the way and they don’t need a clerk with horrible attitude to help run business. They could just hire a group of engineers and everything will be solved.

There aren’t any solutions for all the problems we have faced. This speaker has pointed out an idea that we will need a bigger pie for human beings to slice. Well, that’s true. Africa is full of people starving. I, myself, am a country mouse, barely surviving. Changing this thing isn’t going to be easy. This speech isn’t conducted in recent years. It’s a long history and fear people have faced for more a hundred years.

Solutions are not easy to find but I have believed that they will solve them. For one, when people are in jeopardy, they will be smarter than they used to be. For two, we have nothing left.


Reflection: How to truly listen?

It has been more than ten years ago that this video was shot and it still inspires people.

It’s a new experience to go back here as the owner of this blog. I have ignored it for one month for clearly my job, and now I am back to record the next year of my life.

It all happened yesterday. When I went back home, a lot of memory flew to me as I drove my motorbike home. It’s not refreshing. I drive in the same lane everyday. I pass those trees every single day. However, when that light of dawn shone on the green, it just brought me back to junior high.

At that time, I was just a little girl who needed to ride my bike home. It’s an uphill and I absolutely hated it, but when I drove my motorbike uphill, it just hit me that the time could never be back.

I am a grown-up now. When the time ends, it will never roll back. I have lost every beautiful moments and all of them are just a little piece in my memory. It takes me long to bring them out.

And the image of my grandfather is also shedding.

For me, it’s so frightening. I had never wished for those to be gone, but they might one day completely leave me without any alert.

One day, I will see myself in the mirror and wonder how grown I have since the first day I left for school.

Every word utters will be just a little dirt. No matter how hard I grab them, they will slip from my fingers. Nothing could truly leave.

I want to launch a program. To start my life ever again. I want to grab those memory and myself again. I want to be a human again. Not a despaired zombie who is desperate for others’ approvals.

That’s my plan.

1. listen to one ted-talk a day and write a reflection about it.
2. Write a journal to record everyday. It still inspires me when I read my old journal.
3. Learn a new language.

Every one experiences life differently. I can’t expect others to understand but I need to know the connection to mine.


I am still struggling with the feeling of being abandoned. For me, as young as I am, as inexperienced in life as I am, and as immature as I am, this transferring is too much to take in.

I am sitting besides our receptionist, facing my old colleagues every day and watching the new kid doing my job. I never thought this thing could have ever happened to me. I thought life was easy and people would always give others a second chance, but it turns out if you fuck up once, you would be disgraced.

When one of purchasing specialists, who used to be nice and kind, told me in face that I was demoted, this was the moment that I wanted to slam the door and leave.


For them, I used to be in the best department in this business, the one that people need to try their best helping because the general manager are the leader. Now, I am reachable. I am no different than they are, a nobody that needs this job. Just like them, no matter how hard this business tries to humiliate me, I need to take it.


This is not how a business should treat their employees. I know a part of me despised them. My old colleagues used to treat them like nothing. However, now I see it. Everyone can mistreat the sale associates because they are mere sale associates. They are just in charge of sending out the samples in time and contacting the clients.


That’s not what I am going to do in my future. I have so many things ahead of me but because it’s too far away to reach that I couldn’t actually touch them. I have no choice but staying here and taking all the humiliation.


There are still silver linings in this whole demotion. I will learn how to interact with clients. I would know how to be more flexible. I would know how to work with the other people.


This is the only way that I could fact it.




Today, I experienced great humiliation. I was transferred to another department while a new person came and replaced me, literally. She sat on my chair and talked to my former colleague.

In the morning, I thought the announcement might have come, but it wasn’t. Then, a new girl came in and sat behind me. At lunch, the head of the other department asked me to see him.

Here I am, in a new department.

I was so angry that I could barely talk straightly to my mother about this matter. It’s too much a humiliation. They couldn’t have the decency to wait for me to move my stuffs. I need to do it once while the new girl is waiting behind me.


Now, I know why they can’t keep anyone with talents there. It’s pretty simple. They can’t accept one mistake, like at all. They never respect their employees, treating those who don’t do their jobs well in the first try like dust.


I am fully aware of mistakes on my side. I didn’t speak up while clients visit our factory. I didn’t speak to them like at all in front of the general manager. They want me to be more socialized, talking to strangers like they were friends before.


I can. I just don’t know how. This is my first job. All of the foreigners I have encountered are all professors or teachers. Let me be more clear. I never talked to commoners. I mostly talked to people with wits and high intelligent level. In business, we need to learn how to ramble before clients, which I was never trained.


The anger has blinded me so hard that I couldn’t clearly see my faults. For one thing, I need to learn how to talk to normal people. Another thing would be I need to swallow up my anger and anxiety. It’s okay that they have a new kid. I could have more time to practice. I can focus on my drawbacks.


There are a lot of drawbacks. First, I don’t know boundaries. Mostly, I treat everyone like they were the same age. They aren’t, and some of them would never accept this kind of attitude. I need to be more obedient to those who truly care about this. Secondly, I need to know how to shine before people. In the old department, I was always afraid that my superior might hate me. I always kept my opinions to myself. However, now I am in this new one. I don’t care about a thing people think of me. I have experienced the humiliation of being chased away by my own department, my superior, and those who could tolerate my existence. Something could always be worse, but this would always remain in my heart.


From now on, I am not someone who comes from one of the best schools in my country. I am not someone who has worked hard for most of her life to get into the best college. I am just Charlie, a little girl who would live to full, who never spares a minute to learn more, who can bow low for what I want.


I am no longer the little girl who thinks life would turn out perfect if I worked hard. People could always treat you like nothing if you let them. I will ignore those voice. I will forget those expectations I used to hold in this job.


It hits me so hard that I could barely breathe. I could barely see myself in the mirror. However, I can’t give up. It’s not about losing but gaining. I am not going anywhere.


I am not going anywhere.


I have failed all the tests I have faced in this job. If I want to get back on my feet, I can’t spare a moment to learn. I can’t stop my steps just because I am afraid of my own shadow and others’ tease and unfriendly comments.


I need to keep going.




Life is gruesome.

There isn’t any question mark. Something we always view as truth needs no such thing. Why we should ignore the fact and go on our life puzzles me a lot. We seems to have no choice but to endure all the difficulties and pray for a better day in every single moment. However, things mostly don’t go like we have expected. There are some ways to ruin all the plans, and mostly it couldn’t be blamed solely on us. It’s just how it is, nothing could be changed or have changed.

How I envy those who can live more than life. They are shining life sun, getting to know what they want at a young age and go for it with full strengths. They have instincts in the future and long for it and go for it while I am literally striking around and doing nothing to make the future shine a little. The light that lit by my dream are dimming every single day and I couldn’t get myself up to light it again.

Now, I am writing an article that so terrible that I would give a F if I could. I was TA back then and this one would definitely earn my special award. A half of a year after graduation, I am losing my literal skills. I am also losing the skills that have been sharpened in school days like translating Chinese into English and vice versa. Last week, I tried to work on the translation of one particular work I liked and I dropped my pen in the first review of my work. It’s so horrible that I tore that paper into half.

That’s what time does to his followers. You follow the path gradually and then you lose yourself completely. Counting every day and waiting for death gracefully taking you, people are nothing more than animals. We have brain to think but no brain to figure out a way to escape. It’s ironic that some people think we human races are better than the livestock we share on dinner table.

Some people insist on finding silver linings in every thing. What they have no idea is that we should have light, then it would be possible to shed a little through the clouds.

Light is the key but you just can’t find it.

How Gruesome life should be.

Get a life!

It’s too common to work late that normal people seldom doubt it.

I mean, we got paid from nine to five. We don’t need to do extra works after time is up, but mostly, we are forced to work late for our procrastination, which is always the excuse those managers try to dodge the responsibility.

Who set the rule that we need to devote ourselves completely to our job? Who says we should never question the overloading? Is it the price of being promoted? Would working late be the main reason of our promotion.

Sometimes, I just hate my boss for not getting a life. She clearly has nothing to do than working or she would work late into eight and we are all forced to do so.

I care about promotion, of course, but if this is the only element considered in it, then how is it fair to those people who couldn’t work late? It is just like judging those married parents for having kids. I might not have kids but I want a life out of my job. I have signed up for my Spanish class and keep studying in Japanese. It’s not my duty to work late.

For the record, you don’t pay me that much. I don’t think I am obliged to being the slave.

Those managers just don’t care about it. It would kill them to be a little considerate. When they want something, if you aren’t there to hand it to you, you are never going to get more money out of them. Hey, I know you open this company, but we have our own life.

Some people say it’s because we lack time management ability. Well, if you can be a little nice, you wouldn’t dumped all your jobs to others. What will you do anyway? Sitting around, making phone calls? Of course I know it’s important to do so, since we all need to get in touch with our clients, but it’s not the excuse you can BLAME our working efficiency.

That’s just complaining. I don’t know. When you start to work, your life is nothing but works.



Would it make me a monster not caring about other people’s feeling?

I am often considered to be passionate and caring. Some people actually ask me why I can keep being energetic the whole day. Well, it’s not a secret. If you faking long enough, people wouldn’t doubt it anymore.

When I am passionate, mostly, I feel nothing but callous. I don’t care about their feeling at all and sometimes, even my own feeling. That’s how i stay energetic. If you save some time worrying about others’ business, life would be full of nothing but your mind and knowledge you have sucked in in every single moment.

Well, some people hate about it, don’t they? Would kill them by trying to talk to their inner self. People hate it when it comes to feeling and thought. That would require verbal skills to describe and mostly we aren’t smart to say “sorrow like waves shower over my existence” (It doesn’t make sense at all.)

I am a monster in and out. I pretend to care about children, but in fact, I only care about the children who share the same ancestors with me, which is also the main reason I didn’t become a teacher. Being a teacher needs a lot of efforts. One of the most important is to completely devote to helping your students understand the content. Well, for me, it drives me crazy when people couldn’t get me. It would become worse if I teach English. It’s just too hard to stuck all those grammars in those morons’ mind.

Secondly, I pretend to be nice. Most of time, I don’t want to help people, but since I might need a hand in the near future, I hand out my helps and love like free candies in Halloween. I want people to think that I would help them no matter what. Then when I ask for helps, they would be the monster turning me down.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I care about my family more than my company. I don’t want to spend one more minute in the office after I finish my job. I don’t think I get paid enough to care about my boss. I am getting minimum wages. Showing a little lassitude after jobs is implied on my paycheck.

It does puzzle me that how anyone can see this side of me and still think I am a good kid. Maybe it’s because of my face. According to my mum, i have the most honest and trustworthy face in the world. I can trick anyone into bad deals by looking at them and quoting from some silly celebrity.

As a saleman, I hope her instinct is right on it.